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Specialty Licenses
Home Occupations
Home occupaction licenses are required for businesses which are operating from a residence. This includes businesses which conduct office activity at home and provide service off site at the client's property, i.e. contractors. 

The home occupation fee must be paid at business license application submittal.

Home occupations must demonstrate compliance with the following, as listed in BGMC 17.135.090:
  • Business cannot occupy more than 25% of the floor space of the structure, with the exception of day care centers.
  • The business can employee up to one nonresident employee.
  • Home occupations which occur in a detached accessory structure must comply with all rules governing home occupations within the principal dwelling unit. 
  • Exterior modifications to the structure cannot suggest use other than for residential pruposes, including: separate entrances, garage conversions, etc.
  • No services provided shall cause more than four persons per day to visit the property, on average.
  • Maintain an active City of Battle Ground business license.

Home Occupation Permit Application

Peddler/Transient Merchant License
A Peddler/Transient Merchant License is required of any company that conducts door to door business activity, including sales and advertisement of products or services.

Our process requires that the business obtain a Peddler/Transient Merchant License.  You have the ability to license the company for 6 months or 1 year, this term is reflected on the license issued by the City. 

Each individual who will conduct the door to door activity will be required to complete a sworn application form.  The City will provide the employee with an identification card which they will be required to carry during the activity.  The identification card will be valid for the term of the Peddler/Transient Merchant License.  

Peddler/Transient Business License Application
    One required for the business.

Sworn Application and Background Check Release Form
    One required for each canvasser.  

Mobile Food Unit
You are required to obtain a mobile food unit permit if you intend to sell food from a motorized vehicle, trailer, push cart, or other conveyance upon the public streets, alley, public property or private property within the City.  Battle Ground Municipal Code 5.04 specifies that a maximum of 5 mobile food unit permits can be issued at any one time.

Mobile Food Unit Permit Application

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