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502/503 Congestion Relief Project

The goal of the SR-502/503 Congestion Relief Project is to increase mobility and relieve congestion where the two state highways intersect in Battle Ground.  Read more about the project.

Public Comment on Design Options 

The City sought public input on Phase 2 and 3 design options at a March 26 open house and through online comment forms.  The commenting period closed on Friday, March 30. 

Project Design Options 
Public comment was accepted on the following project options. Select a thumbnail to open a larger, pdf version of the project.

 W 8th AvenueW Main Street Intersection Improvements
   SW 1st Way Extenstion 
 NW 15th AveW Main Street Intersection Improvements.jpg
W 8th Avenue/W Main Street 
Intersection Improvements

        SW 1st Way Extension

NW 15th Ave/W Main Street Intersection Improvements

 NW 12th AveNW 1st Street Intersection Improvements.jpg
 SR-502 and 503 Intersection Improvement Project
 East-West Connector
 NW 12th Ave/NW 1st Street Intersection Improvements 

 SR 502 and 503 Intersection Improvements

 East-West Connector 

 Other Option - if funding available    
 Other Project - Acceleration Lane
(should funding be available)


The entire 3-phase SR-502/503 Congestion Relief Project, estimated at $7.7 million, is funded by the state’s Connecting Washington program over period of 3-biennium.  

For more information about the 502/503 Congestion Relief Project, contact Public Works Director Scott Sawyer  or at 360-342-5075. 

Phase 1: 2017/2018 (Completed - February 2018)
In 1999, when the city’s population was only 9,000, a new signalized intersection was installed at 12th Ave & Main St leading into the then-new Fred Meyer shopping center. At that time, officials from the city, WSDOT, and Fred Meyer recognized and agreed that the signal, with its close proximity to the SR 502/503 intersection, would one day create congestion, need to be removed, and an alternate access to the shopping center be constructed. 

Phase 1 included three components related to the signalized intersection leading to the Fred Meyer shopping area: 
(A)  The extension of NW 5th Way, just north of Fred Meyer, to SR 503. This provides the additional access point to and from the shopping area with right-in and right-out access. 

(B)  Removal of the existing traffic signal at 12th Ave and Main St and the installation of a center median at that location which will restrict access to right-in and right-out traffic only. 

(C)  Extension of the left turn lane on NW 15th Ave between NW 1st Ave and Main St. This turn lane extension will add capacity for vehicles turning east onto Main St.
 Phase 1 Congestion Relief Project