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Utility Services & Rates
Utility Rates
The City of Battle Ground provides water, sewer, and stormwater drainage utilities to residential and commercial customers. Rates are established to cover the cost of a safe and sustainable delivery system. Revenue from customer-paid fees are consigned to individual utility enterprise funds used exclusively for the cost of providing the service.


Year-round water conservation measures can help cut your costs
and helps sustain water levels in local aquifers.

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Water Rates
Basic Meter Charge  Inside-City per month rate - includes 3 ccf  $14.00
Residential Consumption Inside-City per 100 cubic feet
 4 - 15 ccf  $2.24
 >15 ccf  $2.80
Basic Meter Charge Commercial  5/8" meter $21.14
 3/4" meter  $23.33
 1" meter  $39.88
 1.5" meter  $71.25
 2" meter  $110.37
 3" meter  $219.64
 4" meter  $350.77
Commercial Consumption Inside-City per 100 cubic feet $3.50
Commercial Irrigation Annual connection $49.17
De-activation charge $21.85
Outside the City Rates and charges are all 1.5 times the in-City rates and charges


Sewer volume is based on water consumption. The city establishes an individual customer's sewer use for the upcoming year by averaging the user's water consumption for the most recent winter months of December through March. The newly established sewer volume rate takes effect in April of each year. The city uses the winter months' average as the most equitable measure because much of the water used in warmer months is for watering lawns and gardens and does not enter the sewer system. 

 Sewer Rates        Fixed rate per ERU  $34.00
 Sewer Volume Rate    Winter average usage for residential and total usage for commercial  $1.30/ccf
 Outside the City  Rates and charges are all 1.5 times the in-City rates and charges

Stormwater Drainage

Since stormwater has the potential to negatively impact our environment, the WA State Department of Ecology carefully regulates the systems that collect and manage it. The city's Stormwater Drainage System consists of the infrastructure that collects and distributes stormwater as well as the systems and methods used to prevent potential stormwater pollutants from entering our local streams. 

Storm Drainage Rates        Fixed rate per month  $9.83