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Taxpayer Information
The City of Battle Ground is supported with property taxes, sales and use tax, utility taxes and real estate excise taxes. The City does not collect a Business and Occupational tax.

Property Tax
Property taxes for the City of Battle Ground are currently $1.75/$1,000 of assessed value for 2016. The property taxes are assessed by the Clark County Assessor’s Office and collected by the Clark County Treasurer. Property tax revenues are then distributed to the City and other governments as appropriate. Information regarding your property as well as property taxes can be found at the Clark County Property Information Center.

Sales Tax
All sales in the City of Battle Ground are subject to a sales tax rate of 8.4%. This tax is for all sales that occur in City limits. The tax not only supports the State of Washington (6.5%) and the City (1% - City retains 85% and the County retains 15%) but law and justice efforts (.1%), mental health programs by the County (.1%) and CTRAN (.7%). Sales and use tax are collected by the state Department of Revenue and distributed back to appropriate local government. For more information regarding sales and use tax in Washington State, please visit the Washington State Department of Revenue.

Utility Tax
Utility taxes are imposed on utility businesses. The business activities affected by this tax are telephone, cellular, gas, electric, cable and garbage. The rate is 6%. City-operated utilities (water, sewer and storm drainage) are subject to a utility tax of 20%.

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