Active Development Projects

Notice of Application (NOA) / State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)

The City of Battle Ground combines the notice of application (NOA) comment period with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) comment period, in which local agencies, property owners, or any member of the public may address concerns related to Type II and Type III applications. 

Staff sends the NOA to all property owners within five hundred (500) feet of the proposed project, to The Reflector for publication, to any governmental agency that may have jurisdiction over an aspect of the project, and posts a notice on the subject property. 

After an application receives preliminary approval, staff adds the project to the City's active development map.

Active NOA/SEPA Notifications

1. CAM Academy Standalone SEPA Review (LUDII 22-0007 | PR 48-2021)

  • Notice of Application
  • SEPA Checklist
  • Wetland Determination Report

2. Cottage Housing Public Hearing (PR 50-2019 | LUDIII 22-0002)

  • Notice of Public Hearing

3. M&C Construction PH II (PR: 38-2020 | LUDII21-0009)

  • Notice of Application/Optional MDNS
  • SEPA Environmental Checklist
  • Oak Mitigation Plan

4. Eaton Street Improvements SEPA (PR: 06-2022 | LUDII22-0005)

  • Notice of Application/Optional MDNS
  • SEPA Environmental Checklist
  • Mitigation Use Plan
  • Sole Source Aquifer Checklist
  • Area of Potential Effects
  • Environmental Justice Memo
  • ESA No Effect Assessment
  • Noise Memo
  • Fish Access Overview

Active Development Map