Commercial Permits: Categories & Information

Accessory Structures

Information: Accessory structures may include a patio cover, deck, woodshed, utility building, or gazebo. Accessory structures under 200 square feet do not require a building permit. Please see the Battle Ground Municipal Code for more information.

Submittal Requirements: Commercial Permit Application, (2) sets of plans reflecting site plan/floor plan, footing/foundation plans, elevations, framing, and roof plans. Mechanical & plumbing permits are applied for separately. Please see HVAC/Plumbing section for more information.

Fee: Based on valuation.

Clearing & Grading/Stockpiling

Information: Grading cuts, fills, and/or stockpiling with volumes over 50 cubic yards per calendar year per project. An early clearing and grading permit may be obtained prior to engineering approval and/or engineering and final site plan approval. 

Submittal Requirements:Grading Permit Application; submittal requirements specified on application.

If you are applying for a standalone grading permit that is not associated with a preliminary land use application and plan on having more than 500 cubic yards of cut/fill/stockpiling, then you need to apply for a SEPA review. Please contact the planning department for any questions at 360-347-5047. Detailed submittal items are located in the Type II column on the grading application.

Fee: Land Use, Grading Permits


Information: All demolition work requires a permit, and must have written approval from the SWCAA (Southwest Clean Air Agency).

Submittal Requirements: Demolition Application, site plan depicting all structures on property, and location(s) of demolition.

Fee: Demolition Permit

Fence/Retaining Walls 

Information: Fences are limited to 6’ in height in commercial zones. Fences shall not be located within any right-of-way, easement, designated fire lane, or within any required parking space. Fences shall not obstruct safe vehicular or pedestrian passage, or ingress or egress; nor shall they obscure any sight visibility triangles. Fences less than 42” in height do not require a permit.

Submittal Requirements: Commercial Permit Application, Site Plan depicting proposed fence line.

Fee: Fencing Permit


Information: Permits that cover the use of flammable materials that could pose a fire related problem. 

In general, fire permits give permission to: use, handle, maintain, and store flammable materials; conduct certain activities that will cause conditions that may present a hazard to people or property; and/or install or remove equipment that is connected with these activities.  

Submittal Requirements: (2) sets of plans & submittal documents.

Fees: Fire Fees.


Information: Repair or replacement of HVAC, furnace, and/or plumbing requires a permit.

Submittal Requirements: A Commercial Mechanical/Plumbing permit application. If greater than a small repair/replacement, (2) copies of plans.

Fee: Mechanical & Plumbing Permits.

New Building, Shell Building, or Tenant Improvement

Information: All new commercial construction requires submission of an application for a Site Plan review. 

Applicants may submit for building permit after the project has received preliminary approval and has had at least one completed review of engineering/site plans. 

Submittal Requirements: Submittal documents specified on 2nd page of Commercial/Multi-Family/Change of Use Permit Application. A SDC Worksheet is required for New & Shell buildings.

Fee: Based on valuation.


Information: A permit is required for the re-roofing and/or re-siding of a commercial building. 

Submittal Requirements: A Commercial Permit Application, copy of manufacturer specifications/brochure of materials being installed.

Fee: Based upon valuation.


Information: A permit is required for all new signs including wall signs, monument signs, projecting signs, roof signs, & electronic reader board signs.

Submittal Requirements: Sign Permit Application; submittal requirements are specified on application.

Fee: Land Use, Signs

Swimming Pool/Spa

Information: Swimming pools shall meet setback standards for accessory structures. 

Submittal Requirements: Pool Permit, (2) copies of manufacturer’s specifications, installation requirements & pool brochure, (2) plot plans indicating proposed location of pool, property lines, structures & full detail of existing barrier (fencing) surrounding pool. If no existing barrier, please indicate proposed barrier.

Fee: Public swimming pool/Public spa.

Please visit the city Fee Schedule to find the most current fees associated with the permits listed above. You may send your applications to