Planning for Housing

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The city of Battle Ground received a grant from the Department of Commerce to complete a Housing Action Plan. A Housing Action Plan identifies community housing needs and identifies ways the city can support development that is needed to build and strengthen our community.  


As the community grows, its needs for housing grows with it. Housing is not just about shelter, but creating a strong community and sense of home. Battle Ground’s Housing Action Plan (HAP) will assess local housing needs, identify policy strategies and implementation actions to increase local housing supply. 

The city, a team of consultants, and stakeholders worked together compiling and reviewing information through survey responses, interviews with community members, and housing data. This resulted in Battle Ground's first Housing Needs Assessment (HNA). 

After determining the city's housing gaps,  staff compiled potential strategies based on community survey responses, interviews with housing experts, housing data, and current city policies which resulted in Battle Ground's Housing Action Plan.

Adopted plan and appendices

Housing Action Plan
Housing Feedback Summary
Housing Needs Analysis
Housing Policy Review