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Snowman Scavenger Hunt Facebook Post

Snowman Scavenger Hunt

Winter has arrived and it's the season of the snowman. Can you find him? Grab your family members and join Parks & Recreation for a snowman hunt around city parks all through the month of January! 

How to Play:
Use the Snowman Clues below to help you find the hidden snowman posters.

1. Take a picture/selfie with all five snowmen posters in their hiding spots.  Be sure to leave the poster as it was for the next family.

2. Submit your photo to parksandrec@cityofbg.org.

3. Claim your prize! (one prize per household for the first 40 families).

Dress warm and have fun!  Questions? Call us at 360-342-5380 or email parksandrec@cityofbg.org

Your Snowman Clues!

Where is snowman #1 hiding?  I can be found where you beat the summer heat. Under the trees, away from the concrete. Look for the game you play with a shoe, then you will see me come into view. 

Where is snowman #2 hiding? I can be found at the site of the old county fair, it’s not here today, but there’s still lots to play. Look for the diamond, the grass, and the mound, under the cover is where I’ll be found. 

Where is snowman #3 hiding? I can be found midway through Old Town. It’s a lovely park with no playground. Look to the left, then look to the right, I’m where the birds and the fish unite. 

Where is snowman #4 hiding? I can be found where the name has two parks. Where mermaids play without any sharks. Look for the spot to take a nice rest, you’re sure to find me at the end of this quest. 

Where is snowman #5 hiding? Old McConnell had a park, E, I, E, I glide. And in that park you’ll want to slide, E, I, E, I find. 

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