What is the Residential Building Permit Review Process?

Step 1: Submit a permit application

Applying for a permit see: "Permit Application Process"

When an application is considered ‘counter complete’, the permit is created in the permit system, fees are paid, and your project will status is changed to ‘In Review’.

Step 2. Plan Review

Depending on your proposed project, plans will be reviewed by various disciplines. Types of reviews include planning and zoning, structural/building and fire, and possibly engineering. The assigned reviewers check to see that your proposal is in compliance with specific code requirements or regulations. If the reviewer needs additional information or has identified corrections, they will request information from you in writing via email or mail (see step 2a). 

2a) Comment Letter

A comment letter is sent when a reviewer needs additional information or a correction needs to be made to the plans. Once a comment letter is sent, the reviewer takes no further action until you provide a response to the comment letter. 

2b) Revise Plans

Once you have received a comment letter and have gathered all of the additional information and/or made the requested corrections, bring the information to the permit center. Complete and timely responses will speed up the re-review of the project. 

If the revisions are complete, the reviewer will give the plans approval and the project will move on to step 3. If the reviewer needs additional information or has identified additional corrections, they will request this information from you in writing in another comment letter (return to steps 2a and 2b).

Step 3. Plans Approved, Permit Issued

When all required reviews are approved, your permit will be in pre-issue status and you will be notified of the remaining fees and that your permit is ready to pick up. Permit Center hours are Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm – Tuesday/Thursday 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Step 4. Inspections

When you pick up your permit, you will receive an inspection card listing all of the inspections you will need during construction.
Please see our Inspections page for more information on requesting inspections. 
When all of your inspections are approved, you will receive a final inspection and your project is complete.

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