• Repair or replacement of HVAC, furnace, plumbing repair & replacement requires a permit.
    • If HVAC/plumbing work is part of an alteration, it shall be included in the Residential alteration permit.
  • Applying for a permit see: "Permit Application Process"
  • Please see our fee schedule for Mechanical & Plumbing permit fees. 

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1. Permit Application Process
2. Contractor Requirements
3. Zoning Information (Lot coverage limits, setbacks, etc)
4. Accessory Structures
5. Adult Care Home
6. Demolition Permit
7. Driveway/Approach
8. Fence/Retaining Walls
9. HVAC/Plumbing
10. Manufactured/Tiny Home Placement
11. Planter Strip Tree Removal/Replacement
12. POD (Portable On-Demand Storage)
13. Residential Alteration
14. Swimming Pool/Spa