Swimming Pool/Spa
  • A permit is not required for wading pools less than 12” in depth, or “storable” swimming pools holding a maximum depth of 48”.
    • Swimming pool shall meet setback standards for accessory structures. 
  • Documents must be filled out and uploaded to the portal at the time of application.
    • Currently we require one physical copy of plans in addition to the digital upload.
    • One copy each of all other applicable documents.
    • Pool Permit Application
    • Manufacturer’s specifications, installation requirements & pool brochure
    • Plot plan indicating proposed location of pool, property lines, structures & full detail of existing barrier (fencing) surrounding pool.
      • If no existing barrier, please indicate proposed barrier
      • For reference: Sample plot plan
  • Applying for a permit see: "Permit Application Process"
  • Please see our Fee Schedule for current Private swimming pool/Private spa fees

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