• All demolition work requires a permit and must have written approval from the SWCAA (Southwest Clean Air Agency). 
  • A Demolition Application, site plan depicting all structures on property, and location(s) of demolition.
  • Documents must be filled out and uploaded to the portal at the time of application.
    • Currently we require one physical copy of full-size, to-scale architectural plans in addition to the digital upload.
    • One copy each of all other documents.
  • Applying for a permit: See "Permit Application Process"
  • Fee: Demolition Permit found on our current Fee Schedule.

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1. Accessory Structures
2. Permit Application Process
3. Clearing & Grading/Stockpiling
4. Demolition
5. Fence/Retaining Walls
6. Fire
7. HVAC/Plumbing
8. New Building, Shell Building, or Tenant Improvement
9. Reroof/Reside
10. Signs
11. Swimming Pool/Spa