Fire permits cover the use of flammable materials that could pose a fire related problem. 

  • In general, fire permits give permission to: 
    • Use
    • Handle
    • Maintain
    • Store flammable materials
    • Conduct certain activities that will cause conditions that may present a hazard to people or property
    • Install or remove equipment that is connected with these activities.
  • Documents must be filled out and uploaded to the portal at the time of application.
    • Fire permits, submittal requirements & inspection requirements can be found on the Fire Marshall's Page
    • New Construction
    • Fireworks
    • Currently we require one physical copy of plans in addition to the digital upload.
    • One copy each of all other documents in addition to the digital upload.
  • Applying for a permit see: "Permit Application Process"
  • Fire fees are available on our current Fee Schedule

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