Planter Strip Tree Removal/Replacement

The responsibility for maintenance, watering, and general upkeep of most planter strips within the City are the responsibility of the private property owner directly abutting the sidewalk abutting the planter strip or directly abutting the planter strip pursuant to BGMC 12.110.090. The abutting property owner, at their cost, must replace any dead trees, shrubs, or plants. 

  • Shrubs, plants, and ground cover may be removed by a homeowner for planter strips for which they have maintenance responsibilities without a permit.
    • Some type of covering, other than bare dirt, is required.
  • No tree shall be removed from a planter strip without a Right-Of-Way Permitfrom the Engineering Division. Removal of trees will only be allowed under the following circumstances:
    • The tree is dead
    • The tree interferes with underground or overhead utilities
    • The tree impedes sight distance
    • The tree has the ability to harm the life, health, or safety of the public
  • If trees are permitted to be removed, they must be replaced with a tree from the City’s Approved Tree List unless not required through the permit.
  • Our Tree Planting Handout will guide you on tree height, planting depth, etc. 
  • ROW Application, please upload a copy to your online application. 
  • Applying for a permit see: "Permit Application Process"

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