Building Division

Welcome to the Building Division of the Community Development Department. 

Our mission is to ensure the public’s health and safety and to protect the environment by establishing and enforcing standards for building code compliance, fire and life safety, and energy efficiency.

Whether at the permit counter or on a construction site, we take pride in our ability to provide excellent customer service through technical knowledge, positive attitude, efficiency and problem solving.

NOTICE:  On September 15, 2023, the State Building Code Council voted to delay the effective date of the 2021 Washington State codes.  The new code effective date will be March 15, 2024.  

All submittals provided IN FULL (digital and hard copies), and all plan review fees paid on or before March 14, 2024, by 5:00pm, will be reviewed under the 2018 Washington State codes.  Submittals missing items or with outstanding plan review fees due, on or after this date, will be reviewed under the new code purview. 

For more information, please visit the Washington Association of Building Officials website. 

Services Offered


The City of Battle Ground issues permits for residential and commercial construction/alteration for multiple disciplines including building, plumbing, mechanical and fire systems.


The inspection function is a key component of the Building Division operations. The City of Battle Ground values the promise to conduct professional inspections in a timely manner, while providing technical expertise in cooperation with licensed contractors and homeowners.

Plan Review

Plan reviews are conducted by International Code Council Certified (ICC) certified code professionals knowledgeable in construction practices, engineering, plumbing, mechanical and energy code requirements.

Code Questions

With ever-evolving building codes and regulations, consultation with a code professional with up-to-date training and knowledge can be essential. Do you have a code question? Ask us!