Hearing Examiner

The hearing examiner is a contractual employee hired by the City of Battle Ground to impartially preside over land use and appeal hearings. Land use actions that are included within the hearing examiner’s purview include: subdivisions, conditional use permits, variances, and re-zones. The hearing examiner also presides over appeals of land use decisions.

Staff Report and Recommendation to the Hearing Examiner

PR 41-2020 25th Street Townhomes

PR 30-2020 Amira's Song Subdivision

PR 17-2021 B & G Subdivision

PR 19-2021 Bloomquist 2

PR 33-2020 Cedars East Subdivision

PR 15-2021 Chelatchie Meadows Subdivision

PR 64-2019 Hi Cedars Crossing Subdivision

PR 84-2019 Walker Field Subdivision

PR 25-2020: Wingate Pointe Subdivision

PR 26-2020: Woodin Creek Station

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