ITM Reporting

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Reporting

The City's fire code requires that fire protection systems are regularly inspected, tested and maintained (ITM), ensuring that that the systems will operate as intended in the event of an incident, minimizing the risk of life and property loss.

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Those who operate facilities with required fire protection systems are responsible for obtaining a certified contractor to perform inspections, testing and maintenance (ITM).  

ITM Program Components

  • Inspections - a visual examination of a system to verify that it appears to be operating condition and is free pf physical damage.
  • Testing - the physical trying or operation of a system, or part of the system, to ensure or prove that it is functioning properly, as intended, or to an acceptable standard of operation.
  • Maintenance - the work performed to repair, clean and/or maintain equipment in operable condition.

Submit ITM Report

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The ITM contractor is is required to submit all compliant and non-compliant reports to the Fire Marshals' Office through the Compliance Engine website.  

Prior to submitting ITM reports, contractors must register by selecting the site's Register tab. Questions about the website? Call BRYCER, LLC at 1-855-279-2371 or email

ITM reports are received by Fire Marshal’s Office where they are reviewed for accuracy and code compliance.  If fire code violations are identified, a follow-up is conducted by the Fire Marshal’s Office through fire code enforcement.