SR 502/503 Congestion Relief Project Phase 1

NW 5th Way Extension  &  W 12th Ave/W Main Street Signal Removal Projects

These projects created a right-in/right-out access with SR 503 north of SR 502 and removed an existing signal at W 12th Avenue and W Main Street. 

The goals of the projects were to remove the signal, which caused backups as it was too close to the SR 503/SR 502 intersection, and provide an alternate access point for the traffic that previously used that intersection. 

Both phases were completed in April of 2018 at a cost of $1,530,000. Funding for the project was through the 2015 Connecting Washington funding package.

BEFORE - NW 5th Way, looking east, prior to the start of construction. SR 503 is just beyond the trees and vegetation.

Picture - Before - 5th Way

AFTER - NW 5th Way looking east after construction providing extension of roadway through to SR 503 South.

Picture - After - 5th Way

BEFORE - W 12th Avenue/W Main Street, prior to removal of signal and the start of construction.

Picture - Before - 12th Avenue

AFTER - W 12th Avenue/W Main Street after removal of signal and completed construction.

Picture - After - 12th Avenue