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Request for Public Records

  1. Please note that pursuant to the state’s Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), documents are public records and may be subject to public disclosure. 

  2. The City Clerk is the Public Records Officer

    It is the policy of the City of Battle Ground to keep and make available for inspection and copying documents available for disclosure. All requests for public records shall be handled uniformly, fairly and expeditiously.

    Notice:  Requests lacking sufficient contact information for the requestor will be considered incomplete and therefor closed due to the City's inability to respond.   

  4. How would you like the records to be provided?*
  5. RCW 42.56 provides that requestors be notified within five business days after receipt of a request to respond. Response may include providing the record, an internet address or link, estimate of when documents will be ready, requesting clarification of the request or denial. I understand that fees may apply and that payment will be required before the delivery of the documents and in cases of large requests, a deposit may be required. I further understand that my request may contain information that is not disclosable pursuant to state law. If this should be the case, I will be notified in writing. RCW 42.56.080 (8) prohibits the disclosure of lists of individuals for commercial purposes. I understand the above statement and certify I will not use information provided for commercial purposes.
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