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Residential Utility Service Connect/Disconnect

  1. Please note that pursuant to the state’s Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), documents are public records and may be subject to public disclosure. 

  2. Instructions
    Simply fill out the form below to begin or stop service at a City of Battle Ground location. If disconnecting service, please choose the date of move-out if you are a renting tenant; choose the closing sale-date or move-out date (whichever is later) if you are moving from a property you own.
  3. Note: Due to water meter read-dates, we may be unable to process your request. Please submit this form as close to your move-in or move-out date as possible.
  4. The date that services should begin or be terminated.
  5. The location of utility service. You do not need to enter City, State, or Zip.
  6. eBilling
  7. Spouse/Roommate to Include on Utility Bill*
    For mailing purposes.
  8. Mailing Address (if different)
    Connecting: Where you want your utility bills to go.                                                               Disconnecting: Where you want your final bill to go; should not be the same as the service address.
  9. If different from the service address.
  10. If known.
  11. Need Help? You may call City Hall at (360) 342-5000 with questions or concerns.
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