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Event Rental Feedback

  1. Please note that pursuant to the state’s Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), documents are public records and may be subject to public disclosure. 

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  3. Thank you for choosing the Battle Ground Community Center for your event! We take in pride our work and in providing a top notch venue. Please take a few minutes to help provide us with some feedback regarding your rental experience.
  4. What room was your event hosted in?*
  5. How would you rate your overall experience?*
  6. How satisfied are you with the overall rental process?*
  7. How satisfied are you with the staff during your event and during the rental process?*
  8. Why did you choose to rent space at Battle Ground Community Center?*
  9. How likely are you to recommend renting space at Battle Ground Community Center? *
  10. How did you hear about the Community Center and/or meeting/event spaces? *
  11. May we use your comments and picture (if provided) as a testimonial in future marketing?
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