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Public Works Request

  1. Please note that pursuant to the state’s Public Records Act (RCW 42.56), documents are public records and may be subject to public disclosure. 

  2. Thank you for contacting the Public Works Department

    Use this form to submit a question, identify an issue or report a concern.  Your request will be reviewed by staff during normal business hours.  You may also contact us at 360-342-5350 during regular business hours.

    For after-hours water or sewer emergencies, please call 360-342-5370.

  3. What service-area is your request related to?*
  4. What is the nature of your Parks request?
  5. What is the nature of your Streets request?
  6. You may choose to submit your request anonymously.

    We will respond to anonymous submissions in the same many as any other.  However, without your name and contact information, we will not be able to contact you for follow-up questions or to provide information about our response.

    Do you wish to submit your request anonymously?

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