Stormwater Education

Clean Water, It’s Our Future – and it starts in your neighborhood.

In the Pacific Northwest, we have treasures that are worth protecting.  Today, the main source of pollution in our local waterways comes from everyday activities that leave pollutants behind and get picked up in storm runoff and carried to our streams and waterways.  However, there are many ways to help keep our water clean.  

Watch these video tips to learn how you can help protect the waters we love.

Clean Water - It's our Future

The City works with the Battle Ground School District and the Vancouver Water Resources Center to provide educational opportunities to local students.  The city also provides educational information at City Hall and online.  Runoff from surfaces such as street, driveways, parking lots, and lawns is the largest source of water pollution we face today.  Learn how to reduce your contribution of pollution with a few simple measures.

Fact Sheets - everyday activities that make a difference

You play a very important part in protecting our rivers and streams. The following fact sheets will teach you how every day activities can affect our surrounding waterways and little things you can do to help minimize those impacts.


(This program is currently on hold)

The county-wide Storm Drain Stenciling and Marking program gives citizens the opportunity to get involved in clean water campaigns in their communities.

Posters & Brochures


The City has partnered with Clark County and other northwest communities to promote the Clean Water Act across our region.