Water Conservation

Smart, Efficient Water Use 

Being water smart - using water efficiently - can cut your water usage and costs appreciably.

The city is required to build and maintain a water system that meets peak customer demand.  When water use during the hot summer season spikes, it affects the cost of the entire system year-round. That is why smart, efficient use of water is so important during the months of June through September. 

We encourage you to participate in the summer's Odd/Even Watering Program. It's easy and effective. It helps distribute water demand, reducing costly, high-demand spikes in the system.  

WATER Conservation

Summer Season Odd/Even Watering Program   Simple.  Effective.

Your Address 
Days you Water
Odd numbered
Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Even numbered
Saturday, Monday, Wednesday
Friday is a non-watering day

Smart Water Use:  Resources for everyday efficiencies

You can maintain your lawn and garden and conserve water.  It's simply a matter of efficient water use.

Think you may have a leak?  We can help.

If you suspect you have a water leak, contact us!  Water meters can detect variations in your usage that may provide helpful information. Call us at 360-342-5002 or online at Ask-Utilities.