State Highways 502 & 503

Two state highways bisect the City of Battle Ground.  SR 502 (West Main Street or the Battle Ground Highway) runs from I-5 to SR 503 and is approximately 6 miles in length. SR 503 (NW/SW 10th Avenue or the Lewisville Highway) runs from Fourth Plain Boulevard to I-5 and is approximately 53 miles in length.

State Route 503

SR 503 is a limited access highway and is managed by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT). WSDOT is responsible for street sweeping, snow removal, maintenance, striping, signal programming, and approves all access.

State Route 502

SR 502 is a controlled access highway, meaning the management is shared by WSDOT and the City of Battle Ground. The City provides street sweeping, snow removal, maintenance outside of the curbs and in medians, and approves access. WSDOT is responsible for maintenance between the curbs (except for medians), striping, signal programming, and helps in access decisions. State Law (RCW 47.24.020) states that the City will take over responsibility for maintenance between the curbs, striping, and signal programming when the City of Battle Ground reaches a population of 27,500.

Speed Limits

WSDOT is responsible for setting the speed limits on both SR 502 and SR 503.